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Welcome to Churnsike Lodge


Situated on the edge of the Wark Forest, itself comprising the southern reaches of the vast Kielder Forest, Churnsike Lodge is uniquely placed to access a wide range of Northumberland’s most beautiful locations and iconic attractions. From here, the wide expanse of the Wark Forest beckons, offering miles of forest tracks to explore, replete with stunning views and perfect silence – ideal for those who are in search of peace and tranquillity.

Only accessible by a 10 miles long public road, you can be assured that out here we are quite possibly one of the most remote properties in all of Northumberland – so if relaxation and quiescence are what you seek, then Churnsike Lodge is most definitely the place for you. However, you need not fear that our remote location will prevent you from accessing Northumberland’s most spectacular attractions – indeed, almost the whole of the county can still be reached from Churnsike Lodge within a reasonable two hour journey and many of the most well known icons are closer again than that.IMG_9202

Built in 1850 by the Charlton Family of Hesleyside Hall, Churnsike Lodge was originally intended as a Hunting Lodge, to provide accommodation for the Charlton’s and their shooting companions as they roamed the moor for Grouse. Indeed, before the advent of Kielder Forest, the Lodge used to preside over 10,000 acres of prime moorland and by 1889 was described as ‘the finest Grouse moor in all the Kingdom’.

Today, Churnsike Lodge no longer functions as a Hunting Lodge, but it is our greatest passion to preserve the history of the property to as full an extent as possible and to promote the history, culture and traditions of the county that we are proud to belong to.