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Local Attractions

Northumberland is an ancient county, with its roots firmly entrenched in the past. With over 2000 years of history resonating down through the ages, the county promises to be utterly fascinating to enthusiasts of any period of British history. Standing on the very western edge of the county, Churnsike Lodge is located in a nigh-on unique position – within easy reach of many of the county’s most iconic attractions, but just far enough to retain its unique sense of remote tranquillity.  To the south stands the ancient and awe-inspiring Hadrian’s Wall, stretching into the distance across the Great Whin Sill - a timeless monument to the might of Rome and an imposing reminder of the drastic measures needed to subdue the native Britons.

For those interested in Anglo-Saxon Britain, Northumberland holds great attraction. Though many have forgotten it, Northumberland the county was once Northumbria the Kingdom and the echoes of those times can still be found all around. Along the northern coast, Lindisfarne Monastery and Holy Island stand vigil, waiting for the return of their world-famous Gospels – and perhaps the notorious Vikings who commenced their first raid of England at the monastery in 739AD. For something closer to home, keen cyclists may wish to ride out to Bewcastle, where the Bewcastle Cross stands – one of the best preserved 8th Century Anglo-Saxon Crosses to be found anywhere in the world. Similarly, near Hexham St Oswald’s Church stands amidst beautiful surroundings with exceptional views, marking the site of the Battle of Heavenfield – where a Northumbrian victory sealed the kingdom’s rise to power as the pre-eminent force of these shores, eventually holding the fate of the British Isles in their hands.

For those of a more medieval persuasion, Northumberland is also home to innumerable castles and fortified towers – each one an imposing relic of a time where war and unrest were the order of the day. Day-trippers can visit iconic locations such as Alnwick Castle, home to the infamous Percy family, walk out to the monolithic ruin of Dunstanburgh Castle, the largest in Northumberland or perhaps even partake of afternoon tea (Prior Booking required) in the magnificent 12th Century Langley Castle to name a scant few amongst almost 70 others. The history doesn’t stop there - whilst there are many major castles, the county is also littered with many smaller bastles and fortifications – the brooding remnants of the infamous Border Reivers and their bloody feuding.

Whatever your interests may be, Northumberland is home to hundreds of fascinating sites, each with an intriguing story to tell. Whether it’s the legions of Rome, the ferocious Reiver clans or the palatial houses of the Industrialists that fire your imagination – Northumberland has something for everyone.