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Dark Skies & Stargazing

Since Mankind first stepped out of their caves and looked to the heavens, we have been fascinated by space. Many have asked ‘What lies out there, in the blackness amongst the stars?’ While that question may not be answered for years to come, the night skies over Churnsike Lodge invite you to come and wonder at their majestic beauty.

Being in possibly the most remote part of Northumberland, and indeed England, we are extremely fortunate to be situated in the largest area of protected night sky in all of Europe. On a chill winters evening, there is little that can match the magnificent array above us – the stars are awe-inspiring and certainly not to be missed; so much so that the International Dark Skies Association (IDA) has awarded the area it’s Gold Tier status – it’s very highest level of recognition.

The best time for stargazing is during the autumn and winter months, when the nights draw in and the crisp winter air clears the sky. In addition to the spectacular views from Churnsike Lodge, merely 90 minutes away Northumberland’s premier stargazing venue, Kielder Observatory, hosts an exciting programme of astronomical events throughout the year – the Northumberland Dark Sky Events.

So, if you are but the casual amateur, experience astronomer or you’re possibly just wishing on a shooting star, then Churnsike Lodge is the perfect location for you.

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